Organizers of the Athens Grease Festival are searching for a woman to serve as Athena – Grease Goddess for the Sept. 27, 2014, Athens Grease Festival. This woman will receive a toga, torch and recognition during the festival and lead the opening ceremonies.


Athena was known as a wise Greek goddess who loved and protected the city of Athens, could be a warrior, and had a creative side and interest in the arts, crafts, and agriculture. Likewise, our Athena – Grease Goddess should demonstrate similar qualities through her willingness to give back to the city. She must be a Limestone County resident who works to improve the city. This could be through volunteering with non-profits, with the arts, with youth, on a city board, or through environmental efforts. She can earn extra points for being known as a good cook. If you know of a woman who should serve as our first Athena – Grease Goddess, please complete the application



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